House Manual

Welcome to our house IGMA Lodge – an apartment hotel close to Romme Alpin.

Please read below some instructions and rules that will make your stay more comfortable and help avoid misunderstandings.

The house area is a non-smoking area.

Absolutely no smoking inside and when smoking outside please make sure that you are not standing near or under an open window or balcony door. Best if you take a walk outside the garden for smoking.


Vi provide for bedclothes according to the amount of guests booked. You can have your own bedclothes if you like but you must use bedclothes at all times when sleeping in our beds or sofas. It is likewise not allowed to sleep in sleeping sacks in our beds. Please take off bedclothes / linen before your departure and leave them in a black plastic box outside the house.

Outdoor shoes

Please leave your outdoor shoes at the entrance. We are not used to wear outdoor shoes inside – it helps keep most of the dust and dirt out of the house.

Water and electricity

It may happen that during your stay there are more people in the house. Please be thoughtful and use only that amount of water and electricity that you really need. The hot water boiler has a limited volume of hot water and if you take long showers there might not be enough water for other guests.

Do not connect too many electrical appliances simultaneously – the overload may shut down the security fuses and a part or the whole house may be left without electricity. Think also about the environment! 

Sorting the garbage

We are sorting the garbage. There are paper bags under the kitchen sink. Please use them one at a time and place all your food rests in it. These should be thrown away into the brown container by the entrance to the garden. The other garbage (soft plastic, papers, envelops and everything that can be burned apart from other types of sorted types) is to be thrown away in the green container by the entrance to the garden. Metal, plastic, glass, cardboard and newspapers should be taken to the sorting containers that are located at the nearest supermarket ICA Nära Sellnäs Sör Sellnäs 231, 781 98 Borlänge

Cleaning equipment

During a longer stay you may need to use the cleaning equipment. The basics for the cleaning are found in the bathrooms and/or in the kitchen closet. Vacuum cleaner and iron is placed in the bedroom closet in one of the bedrooms.

Parking place

You are very welcome to use parking place on the property.

Quiet hours

Please be generally quiet between 22:00 – 8:00.


Parties and other similar activities such as bachelor party are not allowed.

We wish you a pleasant stay at our place!

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IGMA Lodge is a house with four independent apartments. Every apartment has a separate entry and own corner of the forest around. The whole house is built 2018. It is brand new with all the modern equipment like new kitchen, geothermal heating and regenerative ventilation.