These general terms and conditions apply to IGMA Romme AB, owner of IGMA Lodge and parties who, directly or through a third party, enter into an agreement with IGMA Romme AB according to what is stated in the booking confirmation (the guest). The agreement may apply to lodging, travel, the purchase of other products and services, or a combination of the above (the arrangement).


The tour operator responsible is IGMA Romme AB, Company reg. no. 559091-3223. VAT no. SE559091322301, Post adress Vansövägen 50, 124 50 Älvsjö, Sweden.

As the tour operator, IGMA Romme AB is responsible for providing the guest with products and services as specified in the agreement. This responsibility also applies to services etc. to be provided by parties other than IGMA Romme AB. Information in catalogues, brochures and on the website are binding for IGMA Romme AB, but may be changed before an agreement is entered into if reservations have been clearly made and the guest has been duly informed about the change. IGMA Romme AB is not responsible for possible printing or proofing errors.

As the tour operator, IGMA Romme AB is responsible for ensuring:

• that the guest receives written confirmation of his booking and other important documents;

• that information is provided on the method of payment and that the guest is informed about any other matters of significance relating to the arrangement;

• that the arrangement corresponds to the description in the booking confirmation. IGMA Romme AB is not responsible for promises that may have been made by third parties directly to the guest without IGMA Romme AB’s knowledge and that IGMA Romme AB is not aware of nor should be aware of. IGMA Romme AB recommends that the guest tries to get this type of information in writing.

In these general booking terms and conditions the following definitions apply:

Departure – the point in time specified on the confirmation/travel document

Arrival – the point in time specified on the confirmation

Home journey – the point in time specified on the confirmation/travel document  


The guest is responsible for checking the confirmation and ensuring that the arrival and departure dates are correct. The booking is binding on both IGMA Romme AB and the guest as soon as IGMA Romme AB has confirmed the booking (a booking reference is assigned) and the guest has paid the agreed deposit (or the rental in full) in the stipulated period.  


The guest must pay for the arrangement no later than the date stipulated in the booking confirmation. IGMA Romme AB has the right to receive an initial installment at the time the booking is confirmed (deposit). The arrangement must always be paid for in full before the start of the arrangement.

• For arrangements booked 30 days or more before arrival, a non refundable deposit of 10% of the lodging price plus any cancellation/rebooking insurance must reach IGMA Romme AB within 10 days of making the booking. The balance of the agreed price must reach IGMA Romme AB no later than 30 days before arrival.

• For arrangements booked 30-0 days before arrival, payment of the agreed price and any cancellation/rebooking insurance must be made to IGMA Romme AB at the time of booking.  


When paying from abroad, the guest must pay the bank charges in his home country and in Sweden. IGMA Romme AB shall receive the agreed price in the currency specified on the confirmation. Any unpaid charges shall be charged to the guest no later than on arrival.  


The booking will be cancelled if the deposit or final payment is not received by IGMA Romme AB by the date indicated on the reminder. If the guest does not pay on time, this will be regarded as a cancellation and the cancellation rules will apply.  


The guest may cancel the booking in writing to IGMA Romme AB or to the location where the booking was received. IGMA Romme AB only accepts cancellations made by the guest. IGMA Romme AB is responsible for confirming the guest’s cancellation in writing. In the event of cancellation, IGMA Romme AB is entitled to levy an administration fee of 650 SEK.  


• For lodging and/or travel cancelled 30 days or more prior to arrival, IGMA Romme AB shall retain the deposit.

• For lodging and/or travel cancelled 30-0 days prior to arrival, IGMA Romme AB shall retain 100% of the price for lodging and/or travel.  


To book/conclude an agreement with IGMA Romme AB in respect of lodging, the guest must be aged 18 or over. All staying guests must be aged 18 or over to stay in the lodging. The age limit does NOT refer to children accompanying a guardian.

Satisfying the age limit is a requirement to gain access to the lodging. Proof  of identity must be provided on arrival. If the guest does not satisfy the age limit when accessing the lodging, the cancellation rules apply. In the case of organized groups and travel parties with a leader exceptions may be made to the above regulations by agreement with IGMA Romme AB.  

Guests must follow the rules of conduct, instructions and stipulations that apply for travel and lodging. Between the hours of 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. the guest must show the utmost consideration and not disturb other guests.  

The guest is fully responsible for any damage to the lodging and its contents if the guest, or another person with access to the lodging, behaves in a negligent or careless manner.  

If the no smoking rules are broken, a cleaning cost of 6000 SEK will be payable.  

The guest is not permitted to use the lodging for any purpose other than the one agreed upon at the time the booking was made (normally recreational purposes) and is not permitted to allow more people than agreed to stay overnight in the lodging.  

All keys to the lodging must be handed in before the home journey. Failure to do so will result in a charge of at least 2000 SEK.  

IGMA Romme AB has the right to cancel the agreement with immediate effect if the guest or any person in the guest’s party behaves in a disorderly manner and/or causes damage to the lodging or the surrounding area, or if the lodging is used for a purpose other than the intended one. If the agreement is cancelled, the guest and those in his party must immediately move out of the lodging and no refund will be payable. In the case of an immediate cancellation of the agreement for the above-mentioned reasons, IGMA Romme AB will debit the guest for the costs of the damage, however at least 5000 SEK. In the event of immediate notice of termination of the agreement, IGMA Romme AB reserves the right to be able to close the lodging and remove the guest’s property.  


The guest should contact IGMA Romme AB with any complaints. If the guest and IGMA Romme AB cannot reach agreement, the matter can be referred to the European Commission’s website for Online Dispute Resolution, Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints, or a general court of law.  


The relevant check-in and check-out times are indicated in the booking confirmation. The price of lodging does not include cleaning, bed linens, towels, cots/high chairs, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc. unless otherwise stated in the booking confirmation. Remember to bring the supplies you need for your stay.  

IGMA Romme AB’s lodging where it is not allowed to smoke.  

IGMA Romme AB accepts no responsibility for items left behind. 


By registering their personal details, the guest agrees that IGMA Romme AB, in its capacity as manager of guests’ personal details, may use the information to fulfil IGMA Romme AB’s undertaking to the guest. The guest also agrees that the informationmay be forwarded to IGMA Romme AB’s partners, such as insurers, hotels, train and bus companies, airlines etc. IGMA Romme AB uses the guest’s details for the purpose of providing information, offers and services regarding the guest’s booking via e-mail, telephone, text and mailings. The guest may also be contacted for market surveys.

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IGMA Lodge is a house with four independent apartments. Every apartment has a separate entry and own corner of the forest around. The whole house is built 2018. It is brand new with all the modern equipment like new kitchen, geothermal heating and regenerative ventilation.