Hiking in Dalarna Sweden

Love pure nature?! Then you should visit Gyllbergen nature reserve. It’s a very good place to wander on in Dalarna, Sweden. Here you will find beautiful hiking tracks during summer and skiing tracks during winter.

Gyllbergen nature reserve

Gyllbergen naturreservat
Välkommen till Gyllbergen naturreservat.

Gyllbergen naturreservat is located just few minutes away from IGMA Lodge.

Gyllbergen naturreservat. Grillplats close to Gyllfäbodarna.
Gyllbergen naturreservat. Grillplatsen close to Gyllfäbodarna.

You can also have a picnic after hiking. There are a lot of barbecue places and windbreaks.

In the winter time

Ski trails at Gyllbergen naturreservat.
Amazing winter landscape at Gyllbergen
Geyllbergen naturreservat at winter.
Good ski trails in stunning scenery.

In winter time there are a lot of good skiing tracks in stunning scenery. There are heat chambers, wind shields, information boards and the joints are signposted with direction and distance.

Hiking – naturreservat Gyllbergen

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