Sahlins Struts – ostrich farm in Borlänge

The largest egg in the world is an ostrich egg. It weighed 2.589 kg (5 lb 11.36 oz) and was laid by an ostrich (Struthio camelus) at a ostrich farm Sahlins Struts owned by Kerstin and Gunnar Sahlin (Sweden) in Borlänge, Sweden, on 17 May 2008

At ostrich farm in Borlänge.
Do you know that ostrich can live 50 to 75 years?

The expression “from earth to table” is being realized on Sahlins Struts farm. The philosophy of that place is: From the ostriches everything (ostrich eggs, ostrich meat) that can be taken care of is processed. The motto is that it is only the imagination that stops.

Ostriches at ostrich farm Sahlins Struts in Borlänge
Ostrich is the largest and heaviest living bird.

Among other things they produce sausages and burgers of the meat. You can find handmade soaps and oily skin care products. Ice cream and lamps of the eggs. Everything has to be taken care of and nothing is allowed to go through.

Handmade gifts and delicateses from ostriches.
Gift shop at ostrich farm with ostrich eggs, meat, feathers.

Ostrich farm Sahlins Struts is located approximately 20 minutes away from IGMA lodge. It’s a great place for both children and adults.

Playground with old tractors
Playground with vintage tractors.

We recommend you to visit that place.

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